Livestock & Dairy Development

The Province of Punjab in general and District Toba Tek Singh in particular is purely an agricultural treat and economy of the village folk depends on Agro-Livestock basis. The land holding is mostly very small and the rural folk usually depend on the Livestock Sector. District Toba Tek Singh is a heavy Livestock Pocket including 273332-Cattle, 438906-Buffalo, 47099-Sheep, 503668-Goat and about 6.4 million rural/private poultry which is served by the Livestock Department through 47 Veterinary Hospitals, 5 Artificial Insemination Centres and 2 Poultry Centres for its disease coverage, breeding and poultry production activities.

It is worth mentioning that this district has large poultry farms particularly in Kamalia and Gojra which cater not only for this district but also for other districts of Punjab and NWFP.

Major breeds prevailing in the district are Cross Bred, Sahiwal in Cattle, Nili Ravi in Buffalo, Lohi, in Sheep & Teddy & Beetal among Goat.

Artificial Insemination facilities are being provided at limited scale in the district. At present 34 Union Councils are without Services of Artificial Insemination Technicians.

District Toba Tek Singh is the 2nd biggest Poultry Pocket in Pakistan. In its Tehsil Kamalia and Gojra Layer and Tehsil Toba Tek Sigh, Broiler Birds are being maintained usually. There are 1351 poultry farms with capacity of 6.6 million birds and at present 6.4 million birds are being maintained.