Toba Tek Singh

Toba Tek Singh emerged as a separate district in July 1982 after it was detached from Faisalabad district. Situated in the centre of Punjab, Toba Tek Singh is surrounded on the North by Jhang and Faisalabad, on the West by Jhang and on the East by Faisalabad. On the South, river Ravi makes a natural boundary and separates it from Sahiwal.

The district consists of an area of 3,259 square kilometers. It is divided into three sub-divisions and the area of each sub-division is as under:

Total Area ( in Sq. Km) Total Area ( in Sq. Km)
Toba Tek Singh 1,293
Kamalia 1,115
Gojra 851

The district also comprises a town committee Pir Meehal and 539 villages.


The town and district is named after a Sikh religious figure Tek Singh. Tek Singh was a kind hearted man who used to serve water and provide shelter to the worn out and thirsty travelers passing by a small pond ("TOBA" in Punjabi) which eventually was called Toba Tek Singh, and the surrounding settlement acquired the same name.

Toba Tek Singh was developed by the British towards the end of the 18th Century when a canal system was built. People from all over Punjab (currently Indian and Pakistani Punjab) moved there as farmlands were allotted to them. Most of the people who migrated there belonged to Lahore, Jalandhar, Sadiq Abad and other districts.

Other salient features of Toba Tek Singh are as below: