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Provincial Minister for HR&MA Khalil Tahir Sandhu has said that Pakistan has become the first country in the world to introduce legislation for the registration of Sikh marriages. He said that Punjab Assembly approved “The Punjab Anand Karaj Act 2017” which is another landmark of Government of the Punjab.

He expressed these views while meeting with minority’s representatives led by MPA Ramesh Singh Arora in the chamber of Punjab Assembly, today. MPA Ramesh Singh Arora said that he tabled this bill and it is honored for PML-N that Pakistan has become the first country in the world to introduce legislation for the registration of Sikh marriages. He briefed to the Minister that the new bill has set the minimum age for Sikh marriages for both male and female at 18 years, every marriage between Sikhs shall be registered under the Act. For the purpose of the registration of marriages under the Act, the government, in the prescribed manner, shall grant license to one or more persons professing Sikh religion to be called Anand Karaj Registrar, authorizing him to grant Anand Karaj Certificate. The bridegroom and the bride or a Granthi shall fill the Anand Karaj form and present it, within thirty days of the marriage, to the Anand Karaj Registrar for registration of the marriage and a copy thereof shall be sent to the chairman. The Minister said that in India, Sikh marriages are registered under the Hindu Marriage Act but Pakistan is the only country in the world where a separate Sikh marriage bill has been formally promulgated. He said that this bill is the result of Sikh-Punjabi brotherhood.



Provincial Minister IC&T Sheikh Alla-u-din has said that the government of the Punjab has made arrangements to further strengthen the industry through many Exhibitions at Expo center Lahore. He said that in the history of Pakistan, Biggest plastic products Exhibition also will be a mile-stone

He expressed these views while presided over a departmental meeting in the Committee room of the Industries Department. In the meeting Secretary Industries Dr. Mujtaba Paracha, representative Punjab Board of Investment and other relevant persons were present. During the meeting, secretary industries briefed that the PAKPLAS Exhibition is Pakistan’s largest show of Plastic Products, being held from 16th to 18th of March 2018, at the Lahore Expo Center. This one of a kind exhibition is orchestrated by the Pakistan Plastic Manufacturers Association (PPMA), to be at par with the International Plastic Exhibitions, with a distinction that; besides showcasing the offerings and achievements of Pakistan’s plastic industry, it will also feature numerous informative sessions to highlight the technological progress, capabilities, evolving trends and export potential of this sector. This 3-day event is expected to attract a large gathering of industrial buyers, experts, entrepreneurs, regulators, investors and professional delegates from international and local enterprises and institutions.

Provincial Minister Industries hoped that the exhibition will be beneficial for those who explore new opportunities for expanding their business relationship and cooperation.



Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) takes pleasure sharing its Service Level Stats viz. 15 Emergency Helpline Call Data & Type Analysis for the period from Jan 1st to 28thFebruary 2018.

The total number of calls received at 15 Emergency Helpline for the first two months of the year 2018 remained 561815 out of which 438800 (78%) calls were rendered as bogus or fake calls. On 51806 calls cases were generated on genuine actionable concerns. 30486 calls sought information and consultation only. 4815 calls reported burglary and theft. 1194 calls were complaints pertaining to eve-teasing or harassment. PSCA received 39 calls regarding attempts of murder/homicide, 494 for kidnapping and 1520 for aerial firing. For loud-speaker act violation, road blockade and bike snatching 30, 194 and 84 complaints were received respectively on 15 helpline. For Integrated Services such as Rescue, Fire Brigade and Traffic Management concerns 3945, 423 and 7716 calls were received respectively on the Universal Emergency Helpline 15.  

On a reassuring note; 129 vehicles were recovered and returned to their owners who reported them missing on PSCA Public Safety Android Application in addition to calling on15 Emergency Helpline. PSCA condemns untoward use of this critical lifeline for prank calls or leisure calling and urges sense of responsibility among the citizens.



PFA seals 9 salt process companies over failed to ensure salt fortification. The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has vigorously crackdown held against salt process companies throughout province after completing the given deadline to them about to ensure food fortification in salt and food standards.

Out of 264 salt factories, 9 were sealed and 164 served with warning notices for not abiding with PFA’s instructions. On the special directions of PFA Director General Noor ul Amin Mengal, Food Safety Teams (FSTs) under the supervision of Deputy Directors and Food Safety Officers of the respective area conducted raids from Rawalpindi to Lahore to Multan.

 FSTs have sealed 2 factories in Multan region, 3 in Lahore and 4 in Rawalpindi regions. PFA was given a deadline to salt companies during a meeting with their representatives in 2017, chaired by DG PFA.

Noor ul Amin Mengal said that improvement notices have been issued up to a month after completing the deadline however, dozens of salt process companies failed to fulfill the requirements of PFA despite of provided soft corner to them. He said that PFA has given business adjustment time to all salt processors for the fortification of salt till Feb15. Salt is a staple ingredient of food and it is compulsory for processors to add iodine in its manufacturing. Use of iodine salt in routine life will help to control the nutritional deficiency. PFA is ensuring the fortification and ratification process of salt, flour, cooking oil and ghee also, he added.


Provincial Minister for Finance Dr. Aisha Ghous Pasha has said that Agriculture is a major contributor to the national economy, accounting for over 21 percent of its GDP. About 80% of the country’s foreign exchange originates from agriculture and Punjab contributes over 70% to this amount. Our whole progress depends on uplifting of this sector. This is the reason that Government of the Punjab is taking revolutionary steps for achieving agriculture highest growth rate. Distribution of 100 billion interest free loans, 39 Billion rupees subsidy on DAP fertilizers, 500 million rupees subsidy to the farmers on cultivation of oilseed crop (Canola & Sunflower), Provision of 9000 Laser land leveler on subsidized rates, transformation of Potohar Region into Olive Valley, Improved irrigation network at farm level, made by spending Rs.5 Billion and 39,320 acre land converted into High Efficiency Irrigation System (HEIS) are part of our revolutionary plan. For the first time in history of Pakistan, Agriculture sector showed a remarkable growth rate of 3.46% during 2016-17 against -0.27 % during 2015-16. No doubt, Kissan Package inclusion contributes a great deal in this growth rate, currently agriculture sector growth rate is 5.75%, she added,

She further said that Government is well aware of the fact that farmers are facing lot of problems due to International crisis in prices of agriculture commodities and a lot of things still need to be done.

She expressed these views while addressing the launching ceremony of Connected Agriculture Platform Punjab CAPP, organized by Agriculture Department in collaboration with Telenor Pakistan. Secretary Agriculture Ray Mehmood, Chairman PITB Umer Saif, CEO Akhuwat foundation,Marketing Officer Telenor Bilal Kazmi, CEO Karandaaz, representatives of NBP, ZTBL,Telenor Micro Financing and NRSP were also present on the occasion. Secretary Agriculture said that CAPP is a begging of a modern era in agriculture regime. Prior to this program, farmer has neither authenticated sources to know about marketing rates of different agriculture commodities nor he can visualize the modern techniques for cultivation of crops. Now, with the help of this smart phone a farmer can know about precise rates of Agriculture commodities and all other related information he needed through special Apps which has been installed in this phone and farmers will get training how to use this phone at “Facilitation Centers ” established at district and divisional level. So, in other words, the whole world will be in hands of famers in the form of this smart phone and through its usage he can increase agricultural productivity. Chairman PITB Umer Saif and Bilal Qazmi also expressed their views on this occasion. Umer Saif said that the services under the project will be supplemented by a dedicated Call Centre Helpline and a Digital Operations Control Centre. We at PITB and the government of Punjab will be able to keep full track of CAPP’s success and progress via a dedicated portal featuring a user-friendly dashboard with real-time visual data and analytics on farmer listing profiles, feedback, transactional reports, loan performance reports, farmer listing profiles, and complaint reporting. It will be for the first time ever that we have all the vital information at our fingertips. In addition to seeing where we are going with the project, we will be able to make informed decisions that are essential to transformation of our agricultural landscape,” he added.

Billal kazmi  said that We are proud to collaborate with the Government of Punjab and Telenor Pakistan to launch the Connected Agriculture Program for Punjab (CAPP).He further said that being aware of the challenges faced by our agricultural sector and farmers today despite being the backbone of Pakistan’s economy and society, we are delighted to partner-up with the Punjab Agriculture Department to make a difference in the lives of more than half a million households associated with agriculture by providing them easy access to formal and credible credit resources through this program. Besides helping them improve their standard of living, the program will help Pakistani farmers improve their farming practices and increase their agricultural yield.


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