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In light of the latest directives issued by the Chief Minister of Punjab regarding the anti-smog measures, a zero-tolerance policy has been implemented for all types of government and non-government vehicles. Under this policy, no exemptions or privileges will be granted.

In accordance with the guidance of Dr. Ahmed Javed Qazi, Secretary of Transport Punjab, a rigorous inspection is underway for all buses of the Multan Speedo Bus Service, operated under the Punjab Mass Transit Authority, in Multan. Furthermore, based on complaints of smog pollution in Multan, suspicious buses were immediately taken off the road yesterday. This temporary reduction in the number of buses on some routes may cause some inconvenience to our esteemed citizens, for which we apologize.

However, in the pursuit of combating smog, the Punjab Mass Transit Authority is fully committed to its responsibilities, and work on the fitness of all feeder buses in Multan is proceeding without any interruption, day and night, in line with the directive of the Minister Transport. In this endeavor, sub-agencies of the Department of Transport, including the Punjab Transport Authority, Transport Planning Unit, Regional Transport Authority, and district administration of Multan (PMA), are collaborating.

Regarding the anti-smog measures, the Punjab Mass Transit Authority is dedicated to adhering to international standards for vehicle fitness systems and will subject all buses of the Multan Speedo Bus System to a thorough inspection without any exemptions or concessions, in accordance with the standards of the Vehicle Fitness System (VKS). No exceptions will be made in this regard.

The Punjab Mass Transit Authority views the previous steps taken for smog prevention with great importance and is committed to providing clean and clear skies, free from dust and pollution, for the people of Punjab.


Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi granted an approval to the decision to provide subsidised sugar to the people through utility stores across the province. It was apprised during a high-level meeting chaired by the Caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi that the Punjab government will provide sugar to the people at rupees 140/kg through utility stores.Sugar will be available at 2100 utility stores and 750 franchised utility stores across Punjab. For the sake of transparency original CNIC will have to brought along during the purchase of sugar.Every family can receive 5 kg sugar in one month.The process of provision of sugar will be launched in few days.Federal Minister for Industries &Trade Gohar Ejaz, Provincial Ministers SM Tanveer,Ibrahim Hassan Murad,famous industrialist Fawad Mukhtar,Chief Secretary,Secretary Finance,MD Utility Stores Muhammad Ali Amir and other officials participated in the meeting.    


Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated the extension project of Police Khidmat Markaz located at Liberty today and inspected various sections of the Khidmat Markaz.Mohsin Naqvi also inspected Tahafuz Markaz,Messaq Markaz,Waiting Room and counters.Inspector General of Police Doctor Usman Anwar while giving a briefing informed that the number of counters in the Police Khidmat Markaz Liberty has been increased from 10 to 30.All services relating to the police can be acquired from every counter.Addition of Police Tahafuz Markaz and Messaq Centre has been made at the Police Khidmat Markaz Liberty.Transgenders and other neglected segments of society will be provided protection services at the Tahafuz Markaz.Minorities especially Christian community will be provided services at the Messaq Centre. The waiting area of Police Khidmat Markaz has also been extended.It was apprised during the briefing that around 1.75 crore people have benefitted from the Police Khidmat Markaz. More than 4 thousand 500 hundred crisis-stricken people have acquired protection and other services in the Tahafuz Markaz.150 Police Khidmat Markaz,183 Police Khidmat Centres and 37 Police Khidmat venues are providing services to the people across the province.More than 37 lakh citizens have obtained character certificates, tenants registration,registration of employees, general verifications and copy of FIRs.1.5 crore people have acquired verifications of vehicles,license,crime report and lost reports.Tenant registration,crime report and copy of FIR can be obtained from the Police Khidmat Markaz within 24 hours.Character certificate and verification of employees can be provided within 5 days from the Police Markaz.National Status Verification can be obtained in 32 days.Services are also being provided in 41 Embassies under the Police Khidmat Markaz Global.Chief Secretary,Inspector General of Police,CCPO Lahore,CTO and other concerned officials were also present on the occasion.CM Mohsin Naqvi while talking with the media persons after inaugurating the extension project of  Police Khidmat Markaz located at Liberty Chowk revealed that all other matters except crime will be resolved in the Khidmat Centre. The Liberty Khidmat Centre has been extended so that maximum relief can be provided to the people in a short period of time. Police Khidmat Markaz are also providing services to the people in other cities of Punjab. Police Khidmat Centres are providing excellent relief to the people. CM Mohsin Naqvi disclosed that we are also upgrading 750 police stations of Punjab. The environment of the rooms of police stations will be improved. Matters with the sugar mills owners have been settled and sugar will be provided at rupees 140/kg.


Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has accorded approval for the upgradation of Lahore Zoo and Safari Park in order to provide recreational facilities of an international standard to the citizens under which new animals and birds will be brought in the Lahore Zoo and Safari Park. Other animals and birds including Panda, Hippopotamus,Rhinoceros,African pigeon,Black Jaguar,Puma and Chiltan Markhor will be added in the Lahore Zoo and Safari Park.New species of Azhdaha and snake will also be brought in the Lahore Zoo. An elephant, rhinoceros,giraffe,zebra,ostrich and various kinds of deer will be added in the Safari Park.142 kinds of aquatic animals will be placed in the aquarium of Lahore Zoo and Safari Park and cages of an international standard will also be built for the animals. African zone,dessert and salt range will be made in the Safari park. Night Safari will also be launched.The citizens can also stay in the specially built huts of Safari Park.CM Mohsin Naqvi while directing to introduce E- Ticketing system in the Lahore Zoo and Safari Park apprised that the Lahore Zoo and Safari Park will be upgraded up to the international standard.Other facilities in the Lahore Zoo and Safari Park will also be increased.CM Mohsin Naqvi presided over a meeting being held at CM Office in which a detailed briefing was given about the upgradation plan of Lahore Zoo and Safari Park.Chief Secretary,Senior Member Board of Revenue,Chairman P&D,Secretary Forest,Secretary Finance,Secretary C&W,Secretary P&D,DG Wildlife and other officials attended the meeting.


Amir Mir, the Minister of Information and Culture, announced the upcoming "Lahore Lahore Hai" cultural festival scheduled for the last week of October in Punjab, which will see participation from diplomats representing various countries, showcasing diverse local cultures from across the province. He emphasized that this festival will serve as a global emblem for Pakistan.

Chairing the inaugural meeting of the committee tasked by the Chief Minister to oversee the cultural fair at Al Hamra Arts Council, the provincial minister aimed to evaluate proposals for the festival's success. He underscored the Punjab government's dedication to fostering both tourism and cultural endeavors, highlighting how cultural events contribute to tourism, ultimately benefitting the province.

Amir Mir stated that in an era where cultural activities are pivotal in global tourism and tourism stands as a thriving industry, it is imperative for Punjab to leverage tourism in the same manner. Lahore, renowned as the hub of cultural and commercial vitality in Punjab, will unveil the rich tapestry of Punjab's culture and its significance in tourism through this fair.