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Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar said that he has been deeply saddened over the murder of innocent children in Chunian. It is the responsibility of the government to provide justice to the bereaved families and this responsibility would be fulfilled at every cost. He said that IG Police has been directed to arrest the criminals as soon as possible adding that this case would be brought to its logical end. All the demands of justice would be fulfilled by the government and justice will be ensured. Provision of timely justice to the affected families is my responsibility and the dreadful criminals will not escape from a deterrent punishment. The criminals are not humans but savage beasts and a burden on land, he added. Everyone is saddened and the government is siding with the bereaved families, he added.


Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has directed emergency surveillance of dengue larvae in the whole of the province. The field teams should exert full efforts and all possible measures should be employed to eradicate dengue, he added. He assured that dengue will be eliminated by working day and night. He directed the provincial administration as well as the health department to conduct comprehensive surveillance of private as well as public sector buildings to eradicate dengue larvae. Similarly, tyre shops and graveyards should be regularly monitored and all necessary facilities should be available to the dengue patients in the hospitals. The chief minister said that the health of the people would be protected and no leniency will be tolerated in this regard. He said that government and private sector departments should extend full cooperation to the anti-dengue teams and citizens should not let accumulate water in their houses and rooftops. Negligence in this regard will be tolerated, he added.


Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that humanity is dying in great distress and agony in Occupied Kashmir. The repression and atrocities committed by Indian armed forces on innocent and unarmed Kashmiri people has turned the paradise valley into hell. Modi by revoking the special status of Occupied Kashmir has put an axe on his own feet and conscientious Indian citizens are also condemning his unconstitutional and unlawful action. People of Occupied Kashmir are detained and confined to their homes due to continuous curfew being imposed on them, added Usman Buzdar. India is flagrantly violating human rights in Occupied Kashmir. Modi government should realize that they cannot throw a dust into the eyes of the world. Indian nefarious designs for committing genocide of innocent Muslims of Occupied Kashmir will never attain its fruition. Pakistan will never desert its oppressed and innocent Kashmiri brothers and sisters. Chief Minister said that callous Modi has blatantly inflicted oppression and tyranny on the unarmed and innocent people in Occupied Kashmir. Modi is not a democratic leader and has become Yazeed of present era. Indian forces by committing brutalities and persecution could not crush the passion for liberation among the hearts and minds of brave Kashmiri people. The people of Occupied Kashmir are still fighting for their inherent right of independence despite being subjected to heart-rending atrocities and undue restrictions, he added. The sacrifices being rendered by oppressed Kashmiris for the sake of attaining independence will never go waste. The hearts of Pakistani people beat with their Kashmiri brethren together, added Usman Buzdar. Prime Minister Imran Khan has put the legitimate case of Kashmiri people in a highly comprehensive and courageous manner at every forum and the time is not far-off when the people of Occupied Kashmir can breathe in an independent environment, added Usman Buzdar.  


Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, while taking another initiative of public interest, has decided to open Punjab House Murree and Governor Annexe (Forest Rest House Bhorban) for the public. On the directions of Punjab Chief Minister, Punjab House Murree and Governor Annexi (Forest Rest House Bhorban) will open for public on 16 September. People can stay at Punjab House Murree and Governor Annexi (Forest Rest House Bhorban) after paying their rent.

People will be able to get the rooms Punjab House Murree and Governor Annexi (Forest Rest House Bhorban) on rent. It is worth mentioning that on the instructions of Chief Minister, Government House Murree, was opened for the public some time ago. This decision helped Government House Murree to generated revenue of more than Rs. 10 lakh rupees per month. Sardar Usman Buzdar said that Punjab government has already opened 177 rest/guest houses of different departments for the general public. Converting state buildings into rest/guest houses for the public is a step toward eliminate VIP culture and this initiative will also help government rest/guest houses to generate revenue. Excellent boarding and lodging facilities would be made available to the people at tourists’ spots, he added.  



Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)’s project Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) has successfully registered over 15 Million patients till date and more than 82 million medicines have been dispensed. This was informed in a progress review meeting chaired by Azfar Manzoor Chairman PITB here today.  According to the latest statistics received by this year, the total number of patient’s visits in OPD has jumped up to 15.61 million, whereas Total patient’s visits in the Emergency Room (ER) is 6.11 million and Total patient’s admitted in IPD are 73,240. The medicines dispensed in OPD have reached the number of 82.22 million and in ER it is 6.49 million, while Medicine Expensed in IPD is about 405,000. It is first of its kind, unbiased system developed and deployed by PITB in local government hospitals, which has reorganized the hospital information and management in a systemic structure and facilitates the smooth flow of patients. Through this organized system, more patients are catered every day compared to the previous system which was inefficient and less effective.

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