Quick Facts

Population:   1,843,194 (1998 census) 2,241,324 (Approx.)
Literacy rate:   54%
Area (in Acres):   789,856
Population Density (per Sq.Km.):   649
Tehsils:   Sahiwal and Chichawatni.
Main Towns:   Qadirabad, Iqbalnagar, Kassowal, Noorshah, Harappa, Kameer and Ghaziabad.
Races & Tribes:   Jats, Rajputs, Khaggas, Wattos, Kathias, Arains, chishtis, Bodlas, Baloch, Sayeds, Gujjar, Dogars.
Main Crops:   Wheat, Cotton, Sugarcane, Maize and Rice.
Main Fruits:   Citrus, Mangoes , orange, Lemon and Guava.
Main Vegetables:   Potato, Tomato, Turnip, Onion and Cauliflower.
Livestock:   Buffalo, Sheep, Goat, Camel, , Horse, Mules, Asses, Fish and Poultry
Major Industries:   Biscuit Plant, Chip Board, Confectionery, Cotton Ginning & Pressing, Dairy Products, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Flour Mills, Food Industry, Oil Mills, Tannery, Textile Spinning, Textile Weaving, Tobacco, Vegetable Ghee / Cooking Oil and Woollen Textile Spinning / Weaving.
Poling stations:   947
Voters:   1,067,912
National Assembly Seats:   4
Provincial Assembly Seats:   7
Patwar Circles:   208
Quanongois Circles:   22
Total Revenue Estates/Villages:   531
Union Councils:   89
Major Tribes:   Rajput, Jut , Arain, Khagga,Mamdot, Langrial, Kathia, Kharl, Sial etc.
Libraries:   Jinnah Public Library (29,600 books).