Admin Wing

The Admin Wing deals with the administration of the officers of the rank of Extra Assistant Commissioners/Assistant Commissioners (Ex-PCS), Assistant Commissioners (DMG/BS-17) and Section Officers/Under Secretaries of Secretariat Group.

The major functions of Admin Wing are:

  • To conduct oath taking ceremonies in respect of Governor, Chief Minister, Provincial Cabinet Members and Chief Justice of Lahore High Court
  • To monitor Cabinet appointments and to facilitate the Ministers, Advisors and Special Assistants to Chief Minister
  • To convene Provincial Cabinet meetings, record minutes and also to coordinate the implementation of Cabinet decisions
  • To coordinate all matters relating to the meetings of Federal Cabinet, ECC, IPCC
  • To update Punjab Government Rules of Business 1974 and to notify amendments made there under
  • Act as the administrative department of Lahore High Court, Punjab Public Service Commission and Provincial Ombudsman Punjab
  • To convene Administrative Secretaries Committee meetings
  • To make recommendations for Civil Awards from the Punjab Government to the Federal Government
  • Monitoring the implementation of Principles of Policy
  • Distribution of budget under different heads to the Commissioners of the Division