Works and Services


  • Execution of original works (new buildings) for the education, health, agriculture & administrative etc
  • Execution of works for which funds are deposited by other department
  • Maintenance of government buildings belonging to health department, education, agriculture, administration department and all other district departments
  • This office invites tenders from the approved contractor of c&w/edo (w&s) okara through director general public relations punjab, lahore which are to be published in the prominent news paper
  • Tender documents are invited from the contractor against 2% earnest money on the tendered amount in shape of deposit call from the scheduled banks. The call deposits are to be refunded to the depositors except the lowest tender. Moreover, the tender documents are issued to the contractor on the cash payments @ Rs:0.050% of the cost of work which is non-refunded and the said amount is deposit in the government treasury through government receipt / challan.