Finance Department


  • Formulation, distribution and monitoring of district budget (current and development)
  • Examination and scrutiny of proposals for re-appropriation and supplementary grant and their approval by the competent authority/forum
  • Financial management and control of offices of departments of the district government
  • Examination of schemes of new expenditures
  • Functions of Principal Accounting Officers and Departmental Accounting Officers. Preparation, communication and execution of financial sanctions in accordance with the Delegation of Financial Power Rules
  • Collection of provincial taxes and their immediate deposit into Provincial Treasury and submission of collection accounts to the Provincial Government
  • Examination and advice on matters directly or indirectly affecting the district finances
  • Maintenance of district, tehsil and town provincial accounts and reconciliation
  • Monitoring the ways and means position/accounts of the district, Tehsil and town government with the SBP/NBP, and coordination with the Provincial Finance Department
  • Liaison with the Pakistan Audit Department for the disposal of audit observations. Matters regarding Departmental Accounts Committee/Public Accounts Committee Business
  • Service and administrative matters, having financial implications, of employees of the district governments in accordance with the rules and policies of the government
  • Creation/up gradation of posts, either permanently or temporarily with the approval of the Finance Department
  • Sanction of the Provincial Government for obtaining loans
  • Adherence/implementation of schedule of rates prescribed by the Provincial Government
  • Prudent management of assets and liabilities of District Governments
  • Sanctioning of loans to the Tehsil Municipal Administrations/Union Administrations from own resources
  • Implementation of pay/pension policy/rules framed by the provincial government
  • Purchase of stores and capital goods for departments of the district government, as prescribed under the Purchase Manual
  • Approval of rate and running contracts
  • Any other functions as assigned to the district government

Planning & Development

  • Within the policy frame work given by the Provincial Government preparing the Annual Development Programme of the District in coordination with all Districts in coordination with all Districts Offices of Provincial line departments
  • Approval of development schemes according to the Delegation of Powers under the Financial Rules
  • Appraisal, evaluation (major/selected schemes) and monitoring of implementation of development schemes in physical and financial terms
  • Coordination within the District Government Departments and with the Provincial Government, on policy issues
  • Preparing of Five Years and other District Development Plans
  • Purchase of stores and goods as delegated under Financial Rules
  • Accounts
  • Maintenance of City Government accounts
  • Liasion with provincial Finance department and office of the Accountant General Punjab
  • Ensuring financial discipline and removal of audit objections

Enterprises & Investment Promotion

  • Creation of conducive environment to tap investment and help existing enterprise
  • Investment promotion
  • Tech parks and promotional exhibitions
  • Small and medium sized enterprise