Natural Resources


Major crops of district Khanewal are wheat, cotton and sugarcane. Among fruit, citrus, mangoes and guavas are grown in large quantities. A variety of vegetables are also grown in the district. In district Khanewal there are 7 textile spinning mills, 4 weaving mill 9 flour mills, 2 vegetable ghee mills, one sugar mills, one solvent oil extraction unit and a number of cotton ginning / pressing factories and oil expelling units, one Beverage unit, 3 poly propylene bags units, and 2 woolen textile spinning mills. In view of the availability of cotton, fruit, vegetables and the existing industrial pattern, there still exist potential for textile spinning especially for textile weaving / processing, hosiery, terry towel, surgical cotton, household / hospital and bed sheets, surgical bandage and fruit juices, squashes / jams / jellies / pickles and vegetable dehydration.


  • Cattle
  • Buffaloes
  • Sheep
  • Goats