Frequently Asked Questions

What is repair of buildings?
The process or work of keeping a building in "As Built" condition is called repair. The Building Department takes up repair work as given below:
  • Annual Repair (A.R)
  • Special Repair (S.R)
  • Routine Maintenance
 What is annual repair?
It covers only those items which are required periodically such as white washing, painting,replacement of window panes and fittings, replacement of electric fittings, including rewinding of ceiling fans, repair to water supply and sanitary installations and fittings.
What is special repair?
It includes replacement and repair of such items which cannot be covered under the annual repair (AR) work, but are essentially required to keep the building in "As Built" condition such as; replacement of floors, item of wood work,bathroom sanitary ware, electric wiring etc.. As a rule, addition and alterations to buildings are not permitted without sanction of the competent authority.
What is routine maintenance? Top
Setting right the existing non-functional items that do not require replacement but could be set right by the departmental maintenance staff such as carpenters,plumbers, electricians, mason, sewer man etc.
How to get the Annual Repair works done?
After the sanction of A.R estimate by the competent authority and release of A.R funds, the A.R is carried out, generally on annual basis.
How to get Special Repair Done?
Write a letter giving details of Special Repair required to the concerned Executive Engineer.After inspection and "need verification" an S.R estimate will be prepared by the staff and after approval by the competent authority and release of funds the S.R is undertaken after observing the codal formalities.
What should be done if the maintenance staff does not attend the complaint promptly?
Contact the Sub Divisional Officer incharge of the building on telephone or in-person and obtain the complaint number for future reference.The address and telephone can be located either from the main page.In case of poor response the Executive Engineer or the Superintending Engineer incharge may be contacted.
What should be done if there is a complaint about work of a contractor?
Contact the supervisory staff at site or make a written complaint to the SDO or XEN incharge of the work. In case of poor response the Superintending Engineer incharge may be contacted.
What should be done in case of a damaged road or for any information about roads in case of flood emergencies?

Contact the office of Executive Engineer Highways Department of the respective District throughout Punjab. In case of poor/no response, the Superintending Engineer of the respective Highways Circle in which the district falls as well as the Chief Engineer of the respective zone in which the circle falls can be contacted.
An immediate action will be initiated under intimation to the complainant/petitioner.

NOTE: It is mandatory that every complainant/petitioner must give his Name, Father`s Name, Address, Telephonic contact and National Identity card number etc. without which no complaint/petition will be entertained.
What procedure should be adopted if a new road is required in an area?
An application may be moved through the District Authorities i.e. the District Nazim or directly to the Planning and Development Department,Government of Punjab, Lahore. The proposal, if found technically and financially viable, may be included in the Annual Development Programme
What procedure can be adopted for getting an existing road widened or improved?
The C&W Department may either be approached directly or through the P&D Department or the District Authorities. The case will be processed and if the proposal meets the prescribed criteria and found technically and economically viable, may be included in the Annual Development Programme.
I want to work as a contractor in the C&W Department. What should I do?
Go back to the main page of this website, open the web page "Enlistment Procedures and Application Forms". All the information is available along-with the application forms.
What is the procedure for sanction of a road cut?
Apply to the Executive Engineer, Highways of your district, whose contact number is available in the answer to question 9 above, on a plain paper giving details i.e. your name, address NIC number, name and location of the road where the road cut is required, exact location of road cut, the purpose of road cut, length, width and depth of the proposed road cut, and the agency, if any, who will make the road cut. It will be appropriate if a drawing showing the location and details of road cut is also attached. The application will be processed immediately. The applicant will be intimated about the road cut restoration charges. After deposition of road cut restoration charges approval for the road cut is accorded.
What is the procedure for getting permission for lease of Highway land for approach road to a factory or a petrol pump? Top
Contact the Executive Engineer, Highways of your District to file an application on the prescribed forms. Fill these forms correctly and attach all the documents required. To avoid delays in sanction provide correct information and attach all the requisite documents.
What is the procedure for getting permission to put up a signboard, bill board or hoarding on a road or highway? Top
Apply to the Executive Engineer, Highways of your District giving your name, address, NIC number, name, and location of the road, size and height of the billboard or hoarding. Attach a simple map or plan showing the exact location of the billboard/hoarding, its distance from the edge of the road, distance from the nearest curve etc. The prescribed annual rates for various signboards, billboards and hoardings shall apply. The respective Executive Engineer will accord the permission. One year`s advance rent is required to be deposited. This permission is renewable on annual basis.