Minimum Wages Board

Minimum Wages Board Punjab is a Statutory Body established under the Minimum Wages Ordinance, 1961. It was established on 1st July, 1970 after dissolution of the West Pakistan Minimum Wages Board established in February, 1962, Minimum Wages Board Comprises of a Chairman (Secretary Labour and Human Resource is ex-officio  the Chairman of the Board), a Secretary (BS-18), one Research and Statistical Officer (BS-17).

Major Functions
The major functions of the Board are:-

  • To recommend minimum rates of wages for all classes of workers (skilled and unskilled etc.) in any grade in any particular industry pursuance of the directions given by the Provincial Government under Section 5 of the Ordinance.
  • To carry out periodical revision of minimum wages fixed by the Provincial Government for both the above categories of workers due to changes in the economic conditions and cost of living and make suitable recommendations to the Government in this regard. However, such review cannot be made earlier than one year and later than three years from the date of fixation of the relevant rates of minimum wages.

The Minimum Wages Board while formulating its recommendations gives due consideration to the following factors:

  • Needs of a worker and his family
  • General level of wages in the country
  • Cost of living and relative living standards of other social groups
  • Level of productivity and of skill of works
  • Capacity of the employers to pay wages
  • State of National economy
  • Variations in the Consumer Price Index

The Minimum Wages Board revised the rates through Official Gazette Notification No. SO (D-II) MW/2011 (P-II) dated 14th June, 2012.