Religious Worship Places Closes till Next Order MINISTER HR&MA


On the direction of Provincial Minister for Minority Affairs Ijaz Alam Augustine all Churches or any worship places in the province will be closed till next orders from the Punjab Government. All the Bishops, Pastors, Pandits or other religious leaders due to the increasing intensity of coronavirus showed full confidence on Minister Ijaz Alam Augustine and announced all Churches etc will be closed on a voluntarily basis. Minister Ijaz Alam Augustine has said that in the tenure of PTIs all religious minorities are enjoying fully religious freedom while as one nation their decision is commendable. He said that Government of Punjab was fully aware of their responsibilities and utilized all available resources to secure the nation but it was our collective responsibility as Pakistani to trust on the Government while it was painful decision to not attend religious activities in worship places but the decision as a nation is wise. Provincial Minister also said that hopefully, Pakistan will overcome soon as seen in China but everyone has to show patience and trust on the Government to defeat Corona.