Soft Drinks to be banned in Educational Institutes, Punjab Food Authority


All types of cold drinks and energy drinks have been banned from August 14 in educational institutions of Punjab. In this regard, Punjab Food Authority has issued instructions to all companies manufacturing cold drinks and energy drinks that they cannot supply bottles to any of educational institutions and 100 meters of their premises, even to the Canteen, Shopkeeper or Drink Corner. The ban will be applicable from August 14. Banned breachers will have to face severe action. The relevant company will also have to face penalties and punishments including with the suppliers. Director General Punjab Food Authority, Noor ul Amin Mengal said that around in the 120 countries of the world, while keeping in view the adverse effect of cold drinks its sales is restricted, not only in the countries like America and United Kingdom, but Saudi Arabia and other Arab states also. This ban has been implemented in many countries since 2006, he added. Punjab Food Authority Scientific Panel has prepared and passed the Punjab Educational Societies Food Standard Regulation 2017 and graded the food supplied to schools as red, yellow and green levels. After thorough research and consultation with the experts around the world, and after grading it as in the red category, they have given full emphasis on its urgent implementation. The Board has fully supported the comprehensive operation across the province by creating special operation teams with the approval of the board in this regard. Noor Ul Amin Mengal further added that 701 special operation teams have been assigned in connection with board's permission and support to implement the ban. Apart from August 14 to September 13, this time span will be celebrated as a month of ban on Cold Drinks and Energy Drinks and all the operation teams will be dynamic to implement the ban on cold drinks.