Functions of Development Authorities

  • Establish, maintain and periodically revise as necessary, planning, controls and building regulations for the Area to:-
  • Prepare Annual Development Programme for the area, ensure compliance of the Annual Development Programme with priorities established in the Metropollitan Development Plan after its preparation, and evaluate performance under the Annual Development Programme at the end of each year.
  • Develop, operate and maintain water-supply, sewerage and drainage systems within the service area of the Water and Sanitation Agency – WASA.
  • Periodically update such Metropolitan Development Plan and co-ordinate its implementation by the Authority and other Government Agencies within the Area.
  • Initiate and maintain a continuous process of comprehensive development planning for the area with the objective of preparing a Metropolitan Development Plan.
  • Provide appropriate urban design and protect public safety;
  • Ensure compliance with the Metropolitan Development Plan after its preparation; and
  • Take all steps and measures necessary for the implementation and enforcement of the provisions of clause (i) to (v) above.

Functions of WASAs
WASAs are Agencies of respective Development Authorities and are responsible for:

  • Planning, designing and construction of water supply, sewerage & drainage facilities for:
    • New works.
    • Rehabilitation and augmentation of the existing system.
  • Operation and maintenance of water supply, sewerage & drainage system.
  • Billing and collection of rates, fees and charges for the services provided to consumers.

Functions of PHAs

  • To streamline and bring about uniformity and integrated horticulture development approach for beautification of the cities.
  • Development and maintenance of new parks, round-abouts, triangles, green belts, green verges, central medians, play grounds and open spaces in Lahore.
  • Preservation of places of cultural and recreational importance.
  • Face lifting, landscaping, illumination and beautification of assigned areas.
  • Environmental improvements.
  • Establishment of food streets and recreational spots.
  • Organizing Annual Jashan-e-Baharan in collaboration with private sponsors.
  • Organizing festivals etc. for recreation and promotion of culture.
  • Organizing Community Tree Plantation Campaigns during Spring and Monsoon Season.
  • To regulate out door advertisement activity in City District Lahore.
  • Matters connected therewith and incidental thereto and such other functions as the Government may assign to PHAs from time to time.

Functions of PHATA

  • Identify state and other lands for developing low income and low cost housing schemes.
  • Facilitate public and private partnership or ventures in housing.
  • Formulate Provincial Landuse Policy, plan and prepare Regional Development Plans for an integrated, coordinated and systematic planning.
  • Provide technical assistance to the District Governments and Tehsil Municipal Administration.
  • Implement parameters of National Housing Policy, 2001.
  • Prepare guidelines, long term and short term plans for implementation of the low cost housing schemes and programmes in Punjab.