Health Department

The Health Department is committed to improve the health status by provision of primary and secondary health care services in a cost effective, efficient and responsive manner to have sustainable universally accepted health standards. The Health Department desires to be recognized as responsible and responsive to people needs by providing affordable standardized health services. The Department will remain flexible as learning organization, capable of remaining constantly relevant to public needs.


The major functions of Health Department are:

Preventive and Primitive Services

  • Prevention and control of communicable diseases
  • Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI)
  • Maternal and Child Welfare including family planning
  • Safe drinking water and environmental sanitation
  • Ensuring adequate Nutritional Status of population
  • Health Education
  • Mental Health

Curative and Rehabilitative Services

  • To promote curative health at different level of health care through
    • Timely diagnosis
    • Provision of essential drugs
    • Provision of essential equipment
  • Referral procedure
  • Administration and management of hospitals and dispensaries
  • Free emergency services in the Hospitals
  • Drug Abuse Control
  • Treatment of communicable and non communicable diseases on affordable and equitable basis

Human Resource Development for Health Department

  • Pre-service training
  • In-service training
  • Research