Finance Department

The major functions of Finance Department are:

  • Formulation, distribution and monitoring of district budget (current and development)
  • Examination and scrutiny of proposals for re-appropriation and supplementary grant and their approval by the competent authority / forum
  • Financial management and control of offices of departments of the district government
  • Functions of Principal Accounting Officers and Departmental Accounting Officers. Preparation, communication and execution of financial sanctions in accordance with the delegations of Financial Powers Rules
  • Collection of provincial taxes and their immediate deposit into Provincial Treasury and submission of collection accounts to the Provincial Government
  • Examination and advice on matters directly or indirectly affecting the district finances
  • Maintenance of district, Tehsil and town provincial accounts and reconciliation
  • Liaison with the Pakistan Audit Department for the disposal of audit observations. Creation/up-gradation of posts, either permanently or temporarily with the approval of the Finance Department
  • Sanctioning of loans to the Tehsil Municipal Administration / Union Administrations from own resources
  • Planning & Development within the policy frame work given by the Provincial Government preparing the Annual Development Programme of the District in coordination with all District Officers of Provincial line departments
  • Coordination within the District Government Departments and with the Provincial Government, on policy issues
  • Preparing of Multi Years and other District Development Plans