The Sialkot is an export oriented city of Pakistan, the per capita income of Sialkot is more than US$ 1200, which is  the highest in Pakistan. Sialkot lies between North latitude 3 I .42 and 32.52 and coast longitude 74`.14`` and 75`.03``. River Chenab separates it from Gujrat district. It is situated at an altitude of 829 feet above sea level. The district spreads over an area of 5,354 sq kilometers and stretches from Ravi valley on the South East to the Chenab River on the North West. The Northern portion is very fertile and the Southern portion is less fertile.

The population of Sialkot is more than three million. 2830 government schools and a large quantity of private schools are trying to enhance academic education among the people of Sialkot. About 3,00,000 people are working directly or indirectly in industrial sector of Sialkot.

Other salient features of Sialkot are as below: