Climate and Soil Conditions

The climate of the district is subject to extreme variations. From the middle of December to the middle of March, the air is very damp, cold and light to moderate rain falls at intervals. The winter rain is followed by a spell of pleasant weather. In April, the temperature rises fast and the two successive months are very hot. Towards the end of June, Monsoon appears. The average rainfall in the district is about 635 mm. The upland or the Bar in the North West, in the natural condition, is a level prairie thickly dotted over with a stunted under-growth of bush jungle. The Bar Soil is popularly known as Missie. The low land along the river Ravi has light loam. The central portion which is the Deg Valley has stiff soil. Stiff soil is either Rohi or Kallarathi depending on the salt (kallar) contents.