District Sahiwal is bounded by district Khanewal on the West, by district Okara on the East, by district Vehari on the South-West, by district Pakpattan on the South-East and district Bahawalnagar on the south. River Ravi flows on its North side. It is approximately 500 ft. above sea level and It roughly forms a parallelogram lying generally NE-SW along the Ravi River.

It is spread over an area of 3201 sq km and comprises two tehsils namely, Sahiwal and Chicawatni. Sahiwal District also contains many subtowns like Qadirabad, Yousafwala, Iqbalnagar, Kassowal, Noorshah, Harappa and Ghaziabad. There are transport connections via road and Pakistan railways to Lahore, and a regional airport under construction.Agriculture is important to the local economy, particularly the growing of cotton and grain. Cattle are also kept and Sahiwal is famous for its water, buffalo milk and presence of one of the ancient civilizations on archeological evidence dated 3000 to 5000 B.C. 15 miles southwest from downtown in suburb of Harapa which was the northern city of Indus Valley Civilization.


The climate of Sahiwal district is extremely hot, reaching 47°C in the summer and cold in winter, down to 2°C. The soil of the district is very fertile. The average rainfall is about 177 mm.

Other salient features of Sahiwal are as below: