Development Wing

The Development Wing comprises of three Sections namely Development Section, F.G. Section  and Petition Section.

Development Section

The Development Section deals with development schemes of government servants housing and government office buildings sector. It coordinates such schemes from preparation stage to approval stage and also monitors progress of the schemes. It also deals with alteration projects in GORs and government colonies.

F.G. Section

The F.G. Section deals with references from the Federal Government, especially directives received from President/Chief Executive Secretariat. It also deals with the subject of Open Katcheries. Periodic meetings to review progress of implementation of various directives are also coordinated by this Section.

Petitions Section

Petitions Section, S&GAD deals with petitions from public received through President’s Secretariat (Public), Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad, Chief Executive’s Secretariat, Islamabad, Cabinet Division, Government of Pakistan (Complaints Wing), Islamabad and from other quarters at Federal level. These petitions are referred to concerned offices/administrative departments and follow up action is taken to ensure prompt disposal of cases under intimation to the Federal Government. The issues of important and sensitive nature are vigorously pursued with the concerned administrative departments to make sure that requisite reports/comments in such cases are sent to the Federal Government on priority basis. Coordination in certain cases of importance received from Federal Government is also conducted to monitor the progress regarding submission of requisite information/reports/comments to concerned quarters.

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