Attached Sections

The objectives of the Archives Wing are achieved through the following Sections:

Historical Record Office (Anarkali Tomb)

The records dating back to 1804 are preserved in this section. There are two categories of the record, i.e. Persian and English Record. The Persian Record mainly relates to the Khalsa Darbar/Lahore Darbar, Ludhiana Agency, Nabha Jind, Patiala, Bahawalpur and Jummu and Kashmir States.

The English Record covering the year, 1804-1947 pertains to the affairs in Afghanistan, Delhi, Ludhian and Karnal Agencies, Ambala agency, North West Frontier Agency, Lahore residency and miscellaneous subjects. These records reflect the cultural, socio-economic and political history of the region. It is the largest repository in the country.

Central Record Office

The significance of the Central Record Office is of paramount nature because it deals with maintenance/preservation of record older than 10 years pertaining to various administrative departments of Civil Secretariat.

Old Record Office

The record pertaining to the period 1990 to 1947 are preserved in Old Record Office. This record is crucial for the development of political, social and economic history of the early 20th Century, a period in which the activities leading to the creation of Pakistan took place.

Microfilming Unit

The Punjab Archives contains record dating back to the year, 1804 which has affected the state of record on account of their age and climatic conditions. The risk of war, worms and insects also pose threat to the record. The Microfilming Unit is responsible for fumigation, microfilming, lamination, repair and restoration of documents.

Secretariat Library

The Secretariat Library was established after 1858 and it contains valuable books, district gazetteers and reports etc. The Library caters to the reference needs of provincial governments and research scholars. It is considered as one of the biggest departmental library in Punjab, having a unique collection of more than one lac volumes. At present, the following three libraries are also working as part of the Secretariat Main Library.

  • Board of Revenue Library
  • Chief Secretary’s Library
  • Archives Library

Official Language Committee

The Official Language Committee was established in 1949 and later on it was re-organized in 1974. The main function of this committee is development and Introduction of Urdu as Official Language. The Committee brings out a monthly magazine titled "Urdu Nama". The rules/regulations, summaries, drafts and questions/answers of Administrative Department are translated into Urdu on the request of concerned departments.