Safety Measures Stressed To Avoid Malaria


Post Graduate Medical Institute Principal Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar has said that in the changing weather, diseases caused by mosquito bites, symptoms of malaria and dengue fever must be avoided. There is a need for citizens not to lose their precaution and keep their surroundings clean. Speaking regarding the World Malaria Day, he said that the World Health Organization (WHO) has slogan of the year "Reaching the Zero Malaria Target". He added that malaria has killed millions of people in ancient times and affected people in most African countries. However, with the advancement of medical science, this disease is completely curable now. He said that despite this achievement, millions of cases of malaria fever are still being reported around the world. Principal PGMI Prof. Al-freed Zafar said that malaria is spread by a mosquito called anofless and to control it the World Health Organization's guidelines must be followed in the true sense of the word and in addition to hospitals, citizens must follow the laid down guidelines. Professor of Medicine   Dr. Tahir Siddique said that there is always a need to raise awareness for the eradication of this disease of malaria, therefore, along with the efforts of the Government, we should also take steps at the social level to eradicate this thread. He said that generally malaria is considered as a rural disease while dengue is taken as an urban area disease as the malaria mosquito breeds in dirty water while dengue breeds in clean water. In her talk, Dr. Laila Shafiq said that fever, fatigue, shivering, sneezing, body aches, nausea, cough and cold are the initial symptoms of malaria while itching and red spots on the skin also indicate malaria. She said that the use of mosquito repellents, sprays, coil mats and net are the basic precautionary measures against malaria which should be taken by every citizen. Dr. Muhammad Maqsood and Dr. Abdul Aziz also spoke on the occasion. Highlighting the steps taken on the eve of World Malaria Day, especially at Lahore General Hospital, they said that due to the efforts of Principal General Hospital Prof. Al-freed Zafar, health professionals at the Institute have been instructed to diagnose and manage malaria in the form of corona and dengue. Workshops will also be held while malaria symptoms and precautionary flexes will be displayed so that the patients and their attendants can be made more aware, they concluded.