Provincial Minister Women Development Message on World Population Day


Provincial Minister for Women Development Ashfa Riaz Fatyana has said that girls’ education is very pivotal in controlling the growing population as it helps in giving socio-economic strength to the womenfolk. In her message, she said that male members in the family should give confidence to their female family members through education and ensure protection of their rights. The female members of the family should also be given their share in inheritance according to law and Shariah.  Regrettably, no attention was given to unchecked population growth in the past and that is why, the population explosion has become a major social challenge today. It may be added that the healthy societies are formed through healthy citizens enjoying good quality of life; otherwise, the societies give the impression of a disorderly mob. We should keep our family size according to resources so that the children could get proper education and emerge as useful organ of the society. She appealed to the people to give education to their girls so that they play their role in the national development and the country could be rich and prosper.