Visionary Leadership of PM is New Ray of Hope: Minister Industries & Trade


Provincial Minister for Industries and Trade Mian Aslam Iqbal has said that visionary leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan is new ray of hope for 22 crore people of Pakistan.  He further said that we are working as a soldier of Imran Khan day and night in order to attain the milestone of transforming Pakistan into a developed and prosperous country and we will leave no stone unturned to accomplish his dream into reality. We will bring industrial revolution in the province by meeting the industrial targets which will enable us to overcome the problems of poverty and unemployment. It is the voice of every single Pakistani to rid Pakistan of the curse of corruption. PTI government will entrust peaceful, prosperous and corruption free Pakistan to its new generation.

Provincial Minister expressed these views in his meeting with officer-bearers and party workers of PTI in his camp office today. Provincial Minister said that past rulers trap this nation into the quagmire of debts and debt ridden nation cannot afford luxurious expenditures at any cost. He further said that we have introduced the policy of austerity and simplicity. Former governments took massive loans and caused destruction to the economy. If they had not filled their personal coffers with these loans it would not have caused great harm to the national economy and every child of the nation would not have drenched into debt. He further said that this country cannot tread on the road to progress without doing indiscriminate and strict accountability of corrupt elements. Those indulging in corruption under the garb of undertaking development projects did a great loss to the nation.