Holding of Free, Fair and Transparent Elections is the Top Priority - CM


Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Dr. Hassan Askari has said that holding of free, fair and transparent elections is the top priority and provincial administration is fully active in this regard. No hurdle will be allowed in the electoral process by ensuring the implementation of code of conduct issued by Elections Commission of Pakistan. Caretaker government is determined and confident for the complete implementation of law by maintaining its complete impartiality. Clear instructions have been issued to the administration, police and law enforcement agencies for this purpose, he said. He said that caretaker government will come up to the expectations of the nation by discharging its obligations efficiently and in accordance with the given mandate.

He said a level playing field has been provided to the candidates of all the political parties as well as the independent contestants so that they could take part in the electoral process and the voters could chose their candidates in a free and fair atmosphere. He said arrangements are being completed for the peaceful holding of elections besides ensuring implementation of code of conduct in the districts. Provision of peaceful atmosphere to the voters for using their right of franchise is the basic responsibility of the government and every citizen will have to extend full cooperation to the government bodies, he added. He said that law and order will be fully upheld during the polling process and no one will be allowed to take law into own hands. He made it clear that supremacy of law would be ensured in case of any violation of electoral rules and regulations. He said that free and fair elections are the foremost condition of the sustainable democracy. Caretaker government is utilizing all possible resources for holding free, fair and transparent elections by fulfilling its responsibilities. He said that work is being done round-the-clock for making the electoral process transparent by adopting an effective monitoring system. He said that all constitutional measures would be adopted which are the foundations of peaceful and fair elections so that the people could get a chance to use their right of franchise in a free and fair atmosphere. Implementation on the devised mechanism will be ensured in all the circumstances to provide a peaceful atmosphere to the voters, concluded the Chief Minister.