Spokesman Punjab rejects baseless allegations of Imran Khan.


Spokesman for Government of Punjab Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan has categorically rejected baseless corruption allegations regarding Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro Bus project leveled by chairman PTI Imran Khan in a tweet and said that Imran Khan was trying to manipulate audit issues as so called corruption. “Preliminary observations on the project by the Auditor General of Pakistan have been reconciled for last four years and Imran Khan awakened from deep slumber now” the spokesman said. He further said that chairman PTI always starts his day with telling a news lie and fresh tweet was no exception. “Development initiatives launched Punjab wide were best example of transparency and all standards and rules were strictly observed in Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro project accordingly” said Malik Ahmed. He advised the Imran Khan to avoid politics of accusation and concentrate on betterment of people of KPK who were waiting for launching of Peshawar metro project for last many years. “Let me say that Imran Khan was used to make every public project disputed for nothing and he could be rightly declared as most “non serious” politician of the country” the spokesman concluded.