Provincial Minister HR&MA Khalil Tahir Sandhu addressed for Kashmir Solidarity Day.


Provincial Minister HR&MA Khalil Tahir Sandhu has said in a statement, that all Muslims community all over the world gathered on every 5th February to show world especially India that all Pakistani’s are still with their Kashmiri brothers and we will be there hands and ammunition if they need.

The Minister said that since 1948 Kashmir was a big issue for the UNO that is why many debates and discussions are made but all in vein, ends without any final result. He said that 07 lac Indian occupied army violating the Human Rights and violation of Human Rights in Kashmir is increasing day by day, according to a report approximately total killing of innocent individuals were 94,874, Overall 11,42,000 individuals have been arrested, Moreover 22,764 women have been injured and suffered with severe injuries,11,026 women have been gang raped or molested and over 1, 07,441 kids have become orphaned. The Minister said that where are the human rights? Are there no rules of human rights in Kashmir? The Minister appealed to United Nations do Justice for Kashmir and hoped that destination of Kashmir will be Pakistan.