Education Department

Basic features of Education department are as below:

  • Elementary, Secondary, and College Education, except Professional Education
  • Grant of scholarship, Education of handicapped children, especially deaf, dumb, blind and with low vision
  • Promotion of scientific research
  • Production and distribution of educational and scientific films
  • Promotion of sports and co-curricular activities
  • Service matters, except those entrusted to the Services and General Administration Department, Attached Departments and the Administrative Departments
  • Adult education
  • Purchase of stores and capital goods for schools and colleges
  • Establishment of new schools and up-gradation of existing schools
  • Universal Primary Education and eradicating drop outs
  • Conducting of 5th and 8th class examinations
  • Identification and formulation of development schemes
  • Formulation of district education budget (development and non-development), reconciliation of expenditure and audit matters
  • Technical and surprise inspections of educational institutions
  • Development of district data base and its updating
  • Matters related to School Councils
  • Periodic and regular reporting to the Heads of Attached Departments and the Administrative Departments
  • Postings and transfers within the district, except those falling in the purview of S&GAD, Attached Departments and Administrative Department (Education Department)