Community Department

Community Organization

  • Creation of awareness regarding community welfare issues
  • Help to strengthen community based organizations
  • Assist organizations of communities


  • Maintenance of industrial peace
  • Welfare of labour including:
    • Promotion of settlement in cases of industrial disputes
    • Audit and scrutiny of accounts of Trade Unions in the Districts
    • Implementation of compensation of claims and non-payment of wages
  • Implementation of labour laws both Central & Provincial including:
    • Enforcement of all Labour Laws Provincial as well as Federal
    • Implementation of government policies for the gradual elimination of child labour
    • Coordination of government’s efforts for abolition of bonded labour
    • Registration, de-registration of factories, shops and establishments
    • Inspection of factories / transport under Labour Laws
    • Inspection of shops under the Punjab Shops & Establishment (Security) Act II of 1999
    • Manpower and employment
    • Enforcement of law relating to weights and measures
    • Purchase of store and capital goods at district level

Social Welfare

  • Creation of social awareness by motivational methods
  • Professional and financial assistance to registered voluntary social welfare agencies
  • Socio0economic development of the people, particularly women
  • Training and rehabilitation of the destitute, under privileged, handicapped and chronically sick
  • Eradication of social evils
  • Assist relief and rescue services during calamities and National Emergency
  • Exercise administrative and financial powers delegated under the rules
  • Exercise powers/control over voluntary social welfare agencies
  • Guide voluntary social welfare agencies towards their capacity building
  • Coordinate/update the physical and financial performance reports
  • Consolidate/update the physical and financial performance reports
  • Organize campaigns and programs against social evils through N.G.O.s
  • Organize relief work through NGOs/Philanthropists
  • Registration Authority with the delegated powers
  • Recommend cases of licenses to the Provincial Licensing Authority (DGSW) in respect of the children’s home (orphanages)


  • Training to the field officials of the Cooperative Department and office bearers of Cooperative Societies in book keeping, maintenance of accounts, minutes book, preparation of loan documents etc
  • Appeal under section 64-A of the Cooperative Societies Act, 1925 against order of the subordinate office with regard to the matters relating to the Cooperative Societies with area of operation restrained to Tehsil/Village and having share capital of not more than Rs. 5000/- or as may be prescribed by Provincial Government from time to time
  • Development schemes pertaining to Cooperatives as per delegation of powers
  • Service matters pertaining to officers/officials as per delegation of powers
  • Purchase of stores and capital goods for the district office