District Layyah is bounded o the North by district Bhakkar, on East by district Jhang. River Indus flows on its Western side across which lies district D.G.Khan and on the South district Muzaffargarh. District Layyah has an area of 6291 square kilometres and comprises the three tehsils of:

  • Layyah
  • Chaubara
  • Karor Lal Esan

The district Layyah has an extremely hot climate. The temperature in winter is low due to nearness to Koh-Suleman range of mountains. The tehsil Chaubara is almost barren and consists of forest and sand dunes. It is actually a Rakh under the control of Forest Department. The thesil of Layyah and Karor Lal Esan are comparatively better developed agriculturally but they have also large tracks of sand dunes and uncultivated land. The river Indus passes from North to South on Western side of the district and touches D.G.Khan.

Main Towns of this district are:

  • Chowk Azam
  • Fatehpur
  • Kot Sultan

Other salient features of Layyah are as below: