District Kasur has been traditionally a centre of tanning units. With the establishment of Chunian Industrial Estate, a variety of industrial units are being established. However the main thrust is on textile spinning. There are also a number of power looms units in the district In view of the tanning, textile spinning and power looms units there exists big scope for textile processing / printing, quality men/women under garments, ready-made garments, canvas cloth, tents/tarpaulins, textile related chemicals, sizing units, paper cones/bobbins, textile machinery repairing shops, tanning chemicals, leather garments and leather products, leather footwear, etc.

Demand Based Industry

In view of the accelerated industrial development in Chunian Industrial Estate, there exist very good prospects for thermal electric generation unit as well as hydro-electric generation unit by using the water flow of Baluki-Sulamani link canal. Besides, there also exist good prospect for pre-stressed RCC beams/slabs/girders, steel structure, packaging units, electric wire/cables, G.I.wire, electric switch gear/control gear, generators, insulators/capacitors, circuit breakers, paints/varnishes, etc.

Identified Projects

  • Animal / Poultry Feed
  • Canvas Cloth
  • Cattle/Sheep/Goat Fattening Farms
  • Chip/Veneer Board
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Dairy Farms
  • Electrical Switch Gear/Control Gear
  • Electric Wires/Cables
  • Flush Doors/Windows
  • Furniture
  • Generators
  • G.I. Wire
  • Hydro Power Generation Unit
  • Ice-Cream
  • Insulators/Capacitors
  • Leather Footwear
  • Leather Garments
  • Meat / Poultry Processing Unit
  • Paints / Varnishes
  • Paper Cones/Bobbins
  • Pre-Stressed RCC Beams/Slabs/Girders
  • Quality Women/Men under Garments
  • Sizing Units
  • Solvent Oil Extraction Plant
  • Steel Structure
  • Tanning Chemicals
  • Textile Machinery Repairing Shop
  • Textile Processing/Printing
  • Tents / Tarpaulins
  • Textile Related Chemicals
  • Thermal Power Generation Unit
  • Vegetable Dehydration
  • Wood Seasoning / Processing