Climate & General Soil Conditions

The climate of the district is hot and dry during summer and cold and dry during winter. The surface of the district presents three distinct levels i.e. Sand Dunes of Thal on the extreme West, low lying river valley in the centre and old Sandal Bar on the extreme East. The rivers of Jhelum and Chenab make their way through the district and Trimmu Head-works is the pint of their confluence.

Trees of jand (Prosopis spicigera), karir (Capparis aphylla), beri (Zizyphus jajaba), van (Salvadora abeoides), kikar (Acacia arbica), shisham (Dalbergia sissoo) and aak (Calotropois hamiltonit) are found in abundance in this district.

The major crops of this district are Wheat, Cotton, Rice, Sugar Cane, Maize and Grams. The main fruits are Mango, Orange and Lemon.