Information Department works to project and promote policies and activities of the Government. It also patronizes and promotes art, culture and literary activities. In addition to these, it has been assigned the job of coordinating and facilitating activities of the Youth Organizations.

These include:

  • Functions performed by the Administrative,Department and its field formations
  • Publicity of the Government and public relations, including liaison with print and electronic media
  • Administration of Press Laws relating to Printing Presses, Newspapers, Books, Magazines, etc.
  • Facilities for the journalistic profession, including accreditation of press professionals and financial assistance to the deserving personnel and their families
  • Enforcement of the Motion Picture Ordinance 1979 and the Punjab Cinematograph Rules 1984
  • Promotion of art, culture and literature through Grant-in-aid to cultural and literary bodies, and Financial assistance to deserving artists and writers
  • Management and establishment of museums and conservation of all historical monuments
  • Facilitate registration of youth organisations with the Federal Government and disbursement of Federal funds
  • Coordinate visits of international youth delegations
  • Literary, cultural and religious programmes
  • Holding exhibitions of paintings and graphic arts
  • Competitions held to encourage upcoming artists
  • Management of classes of different arts and crafts disciplines
  • Literary competitions, mushairas, programmes on national and regional languages