Higher Education Department

Higher Education Department, (HED)  is responsible for education, learning and related services for students, as well as Faculty/ teaching & non-teaching staff, serving in Public and Private Institutions in the province of Punjab. Its aim is to achieve a highly educated society; where educational opportunities are equally available for all young people in Pakistan, no matter what their social, ethnic, and cultural background or family circumstances are. For details, click here.

Our Priorities
In 2013-14, our priorities are to:

  • Establish Knowledge Park Lahore (KPL) read more :>> (brochure)
  •  Establish Bio Park/Science Research Park at Provincial Metropolis
  • Organize International Education Expo (2014)
  • Arrange Book Fair 2014
  • Revise and Reform the Educational Curriculum as E-text
  • Faculty Development Programme
  • Celebration of Anti-Corruption Week
  • Reduce Bureaucratic Monopoly and Improve Accountability
  •  Train and Develop the Professionals/ Faculty who work with students.
  • Improve Quality Assurance Services (QAS) for college students
  • Make HED as citizen centric Organization
  • Assure prompt Capacity Building/ Provision of Missing Facilities in institutions.

Who We Are
We are a Ministerial Department with a strong network of field offices to ensure compliance of Executive decisions. Currently HED operates through a network of one field headquarter, i.e., Directorate of Public Instructions Colleges, 09 Divisional Directorates, 37 District Directorates managing 690 colleges in Punjab.

Moreover, nine Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) for examination purposes, each at divisional headquarters are, working under the umbrella of HED.  In addition to that 40 Public/ Private Sector Universities and 26 autonomous institutions are also operating under the supervision of HED.