Saints Of District Hafizabad

Hazrat Shah Sharmast Jilal U Din Bukhari

The tomb of Shah Sharmast is situated in the North of Ghari Awan graveyard near the East of Hafizabad. He was a saint and a person of supernatural powers. Akbar and Jahangir ‘The Mughals’ had visited Shah Sharmast Bkhari. In the North of Shah Sharmast’s tomb, Hazrat Hafiz Syed Mustafa, also a saint of Mughal’s time had buried who was among the ancient saints of Hafizabad. Mobs gather on 24 Har(a month of bikrami year) on these two tombs.

Shah Buban Bukhari

His real name is Syed Baban Bukhari and commonly known as Baban Bukhari. The population on the East of the famous garden of General Hur Sukh Rai (Muslim High School) is called as Buban Bukhari. An ancient mosque “Bukhari Sharif” is situated with his tomb. In ancient times it was also called” Chah Bukhari”.The native Hindu race Arora Got Gaholati had claimed for its ownership in court but in 1876 the decision of case had been in favour of Muslim Jogi Shah, who was the owner of this place.

Marwan Shah

He was born in 11th ‘Hijri’ in a nearby village “Jogi Jamkay” of Pindi Bhattian. His father died in his childhood. He adopted the family profession of laboring, watering the field and harvesting was his responsibilities. When he was servant of Sikh landlord, he lifted his mother on his shoulders and served her in fields where he worked. It was his routine. It was stated that water become milk when he was watering the field during Shabe-Barat and drank it immediately. When it came in the knowledge of Muhammad Yar Bhatti, he brought him here and gave him the land of Khokhran Wali Khoi. He was buried near the well after death.

Syed Niamat Ali Shah

He was the son of Noor Shah Sadar-u- Din and real brother of Wali Qutab Imam of Begum Kot Lahore. He arrived at Jalalpur for preaching Islam. He remained there, died at the age of 90 and buried in Jalalpur. His urs is arranged on 15 ‘Har’(A month of ‘Bikrami’ year) every year.

Sheikh Mosa Dud

This saint was the contemporary of Baba Fareed Gunj Shaker and among his devotees. It is stated that once Hazrat Baba Fareed Gunjh Shaker was going for pilgrimage, he asked Sheikh Mosa Dud to come with him for pilgrimage but he apologized when Hazrat Baba Fareed reached ‘Macca’ he saw that Mosa Dud was already there. The devotees of Fareed Shaker Gunj called him Mosa Dud for the very reason. He was “Lungha” by caste. He was called sheikh due to his piety after that he came in Jalalpur and started preaching Islam. He died here and was buried in Mehmood Pur, a slum of Jalalpur.