An area of 1977 acres is under forest in the district. There is also linear plantation of 1759 km alongside the roads/canals. The popular trees grown in the area are Kau, Phalai, Kikar and Shisham.

The major functions of this department are:

  • Raising new forest and scientific management of existing public forest to maximize the production of wood and minor forest produce in the irrigated plantation having area up to 2000 acres
  • Raising and promotion of roadside plantation of local / district significance
  • Promotion of social / farm forestry in private lands
  • Rising of forest nurseries
  • Establishment of amenity forest and recreational parks
  • Education of the public for tree planting and provision of technical and advisory services on matters of afforestation to the people and other Departments in the district
  • Formulate working plans after approval of preliminary working plans from Provincial Government (CCF concerned) and get it technically cleared/approved from the Provincial Govt. being sanction by the District Government
  • Submit annual report on tree cover monitoring to the Provincial Government for review and incorporation into provincial report
  • Mass media, publicity, conservation of ecosystem, enforcement and planning

Physical Achievements of Forests Department

Development of Green Belt

A green belt was developed during the year, 2004-05 along with G.T. Road, from Lohianwala to Dinga Phatic under a development project, “Beautification of G.T. Road, Gujranwala” and is being maintained by the District Officer Forest Department.

Roadside Plantation

A 13 kilometer afforestation was completed during 2003-04 to 2006-07 from Kalaskey to Mansoor Wali Road. 5 kilometer afforestation was completed from Mancher Chatha to Rasool Nagar Road

Distribution of Free Plants

Nurseries were raised and 1,10,000 plants were provided to Educational Institutions, Army Establishment and others .

Tree Plantation Campaign

Two campaigns of tree plantation are launched each year.