The district lies in between two main cities, in North is the Gujrat and in South, there are Sheikhupura and Lahore. The Chenab river forms the Northern boundary of the district. Beyond the river, it is bounded by Gujrat and Mandi Bahauddin districts, on the East by Sialkot district, on the South by Sheikhupura district and on the West by Hafizabad district.

Gujranwala district spreads over an area of 3,622 square kilometers comprising of following seven Towns:

  • Aroop Town
  • Khiali Shah Pur Town
  • Kamoke
  • Nandi Pur Town
  • Nowshera Virkan  
  • Qila Daidar Singh Town
  • Wazirabad

The majority of the population lives in the rural areas and mainly earns their livelihood through agriculture and other allied disciplines. It has 9 Markaz, 97 Union Councils, 800 Villages with the total area of 892067 acres, out of which 783339 acres are cultivated.

Other salient features of Gujranwala are as below:​