Information Technology

The Government of Punjab is committed to implement the IT policy and action plan to realize good governance for the benefit of the citizens and build an image of a caring Government. To achieve this, Punjab Government has established IT Department at district level, headed by Executive District Officer (IT). This department is committed to implement the Government’s policy with determination.


The major functions of IT Department are:

  • To support different sectors of District Government Faisalabad in designing and implementing database
  • To arrange the basic and advanced training courses for government employees of BS-5 and above (except teaching staff and police)
  • To connect all the government departments through networking

Performance and Successes

IT Department has imparted basic computer education to 1100 employees of government departments which is the highest figure in Punjab. Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) is also assisting the IT Department in this training program.

Networking of all Provincial Departments / TMA's

Networking is a highway for carrying data and sharing resources without which the software developed for other projects are useless. IT Department has prepared a PC-1 for the networking of all provincial departments and TMA's of Faisalabad. The funds required for this project amounts to Rs. 54.43 millions. 70 % of this cost will be provided by the provincial/federal government and the remaining 30 % will be shared by the District Government Faisalabad. This project will be completed in eighteen months after its approval. There are 360 locations of this project. Main Data Center will be established in the office of EDO IT.

The objective of this project is to set up a communication infrastructure, sufficient to link all the government departments.

Future Plans

Computerization of Land Records

This project would undertake computerization of land records. Following record of district will be computerized:

  • Shajrah-e-Nasab
  • Register Haqdaraan-e-Zamin
  • Index Khasra Number
  • Index Radeef-var-Malikan
  • Register Gardawari
  • Register Taghayyarat
  • Mutation Register

With the computerization of land record following objectives can be achieved:

  • Transparent land record will be accessible on line
  • Rural poverty will be reduced  
  • Land record will be managed in an efficient way
  • Secure and transparent business process to facilitate general public

Up-gradation of Computer Center Zila Council

Zila council Faisalabad established a computer center in 1996 for providing computer education to people of Faisalabad. District government Faisalabad has provided Rs. 5 million to upgrade this computer center.