Cooperative Department

Cooperative Department as a part of Community Development Department Faisalabad is working with District Officer, Deputy District Officer, three Assistant Registrars, Cooperative Societies posted at tehsil level, 14 Inspectors Cooperative Societies, at markaz level and 56 Sub-Inspectors Cooperative Societies at Union Council level, as field workers beside the other official and ministerial staff. The Cooperative field and official staff is working day and night for promoting the economic interest of the people through registered Cooperative Societies.

The duties and functions of the Cooperative Department includes the organization, establishment and registration of Cooperative Societies, guidance to the members of these Cooperative Societies, education and training of the people in the field of Cooperation, audit of the accounts of the Cooperative Societies, settlement of disputes among the members of the Cooperative Societies, arbitration of the disputes/cases touching the business of Cooperative Societies, advancement of loans and provision of finance to the Cooperative Societies through the Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank, Recovery of loans, and if necessary winding up the affairs of the Cooperative Societies.

At present there are 2603 registered Societies in Faisalabad. Out of these, 2149 are agricultural Credit Societies, 12 Cooperative Housing Societies, 155 Industrial Societies and 41 Women Thrift and Industrial Societies. Beside these Societies, there are other kinds of Cooperative Societies working in different sectors. The Cooperative Agricultural Credit Societies are providing finance on easy terms and at low rate of markup to their members to fulfill their agricultural requirements. The Cooperative Housing Societies solve the residential problem by providing residential plots or houses or finance for construction of houses. The Industrial Cooperative Societies assist their members in the establishment of cottage and small industries and make arrangements for the disposal of their products, at reasonable rates. The Women Cooperative Societies provide facilities for thrift and savings to their members. These societies also provide training facilities in different fields to their members and young girls.

Services Offered

  • Facilitate the people in formation of the Cooperative Societies
  • Guide the members about the Cooperative Principles
  • Introduce/promote thrift among members
  • Provide facilities for depositing the savings of members
  • Provide training to the workers
  • Provide/arrange credit to the members
  • Ensure compulsory savings
  • Supervise/monitor the working of the Cooperatives
  • Conduct/arrange Audit
  • Recovery of loans
  • Arbitration of disputes
  • Liquidation of Societies


Promotion of thrift, self help and mutual aid among the person of small means with common needs so as to bring about better living, better business and better method of production under the Cooperative principles.

Cooperative Education and Training

Cooperative Education and Training to the Employees of the Cooperative Department and Cooperative Institutions, is being imparted by the Cooperative Training College Faisalabad, which is situated at a distance of 7-Kilometer at Sargodha Road from Faisalabad city. This college holds pre-service training classes and in-service refresher courses, while one educational Inspector and one educational Sub-Inspector are posted in the field at District level for the education and training of general public and office holders of the Cooperative Societies, in respect of Cooperative Principles, Cooperative book keeping and Cooperative Law and practice.