Directorate of Industries


The vision of the “Directorate of Industries Punjab” is to promote and facilitate Industries and promote Investment in Punjab.

Functions Performed at Provincial Level

  • To implement “The Punjab Industries (Control on Establishment & Enlargement), Act, 1963” in line with Industrial Location Policy notified from time to time.
  • Collection of Industrial Statistics and Census of Manufacturing Industries (CMI) through Industrial survey under the Industrial Statistics Act, 1942.
  • To conduct door to door survey of Industrial Units under Statistical Act 1975.
  • To assist the entrepreneurs for acquisition of land under Land Acquisition Act, 1894.
  • To Implement “Boilers & Pressure Vessels Ordinance 2002” and Registration of Boilers under this Ordinance.
  • To conduct Examination of Boiler Competency bi-annually.
  • Publication of District Pre-Investment Studies of 36 Districts of Punjab.
  • Publication of Directory of Industrial Establishment in the Punjab.
  • To hold Industrial Exhibitions and establish Industrial Parks.
  • To keep liaison with other Federal / Provincial Organizations such as SMEDA, BOI, EPB, EPZA, Commercial Banks, DFIs, Engineering Development Board, PIEDMC, FIEDMC, PSIC for the promotion of Investment in Industrial Sector.
  • To keep liaison with Chamber of Commerce and Industry to get feed back from them and pass on the recommendations to Federal Government for making trade and Import Policy and other industrial policies.
  • Assistance to special initiatives taken by the Punjab Government like purchasing of tents, Sugar and Sasti Roti Programme etc.

Functions Performed at District Level

  • Control, Monitoring and Stabilization of prices of essential commodities.
  • Feedback to Directorate of Industries regarding:
  • Up-dating of District Pre-investment Studies
  • Census of Manufacturing Industries (CMI) Returns
  • Preparation of Industrial Directory on District basis
  • Registration of Firms under Partnership Act, 1932.
  • Registration of Societies/Associations under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and under Companies Ordinance, 1984.
  • Registration of Deeni Madaris under Societies Registration (Amendment) Act, VII of 2006.
    • Feedback to the Government on formulating industrial/trade import and export policies.
    • Forward planning, promotion and development of medium and large scale industrial sector.
  • Liaison with Chambers of Commerce & Industry and Feedback to the Provincial Govt.
  • Organizing the Industrial Exhibitions.

District Pre-Investment Studies

Directory - Industries