Types of Societies

Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank
The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Ltd. is an apex cooperative society to provide banking and credit facilities in the Cooperative Sector. It is playing a significant role for the development of Cooperative Sector and the agricultural production in the province. Crop loans are advanced by the bank for inputs requirements to the farmers on the basis of demand collected from the societies through department. The recovery of loans is affected by the field staff of the department which ranges from 98% to 99% per annum. The pattern of crop loaning during past three years shows an upward trend. The increase in disbursement of loan has also resulted in a sharp rise in the number of stuck up loans. Due to the positive policy and the assistance provided by the present government, the field staff of Cooperatives Department made intensive efforts which resulted in substantial recovery of stuck up loans, thus reducing it from Rs.582.551 Million to Rs.423.670 Million.
Punjab Cooperative Supply & Marketing Federation
The Punjab Cooperative Supply & Marketing Federation is another apex society which provides quality agricultural inputs to the farmer members of cooperative societies. The society is providing due services to the members of cooperative societies. It earned a profit of 28.12 lac by supplying fertilizer at the farmer’s door step. The federation has also provided tractors at reserve price to the farmers and contributed its share in the increased agricultural production of the province. During last three years position is as under:

Fertilizer 237739 Bags 80.15 Million
Pesticides 50352 Liters 25.39 Million
Tractors 892 361.81 Million
Punjab Cooperative Consumers Society (CO-OP)
The West Pakistan Cooperative Consumers Society (COOP) was established in October 1962 with financial and technical help of Government of Denmark. The main objective is to supply consumer goods of daily use at cheaper rates. The essential commodities are purchased, cleaned, processed, packed and supplied to consumers through 18 sale outlets of the society. There are fourteen outlets in Lahore and four outlets in Faisalabad, however, the project could not take off due to the following factors:
  • Dominance of privets sector
  • Competition by Utility Stores Cooperative

Now, due to the intervention of the Government and the policy device for the COOP, it has regained momentum and started searing project out of its business activities.

Cooperative Housing Societies
Cooperative Housing Societies are providing residential facilities to their members. Presently there are 293 Cooperative Housing Societies in Punjab which are contributing a lot in developing housing colonies in major urban cities of Punjab. Following steps have been taken during the last year to bring improvement in the working procedure:
  • Collection/consolidation of date to know and access the working and performance and to properly supervise guide them.
  • Formulation of new Byelaws for uniformity and to protect the interest of members of such societies on the basis of experience gained in the foregoing year.
  • Strengthening of staff in housing sector cope with supervision and guidance.
  • Reference filed in National Accountability Bureau against individuals who were responsible for misusing funds. 
Punjab Cooperative Union
The Punjab Cooperative Union is the oldest institution working in the Cooperatives Department. It was established in 1918, and has membership of over 17,000 cooperative societies. Its membership is open for all the registered cooperative societies of Punjab. It provides education and necessary guidance to the member societies. Besides, it promotes awareness about the cooperative movement among the general public.
Cooperative Training Institutions
The Education and Training Wing of the Cooperative Department in Punjab comprises of a Cooperative Training College at Faisalabad and a Regional Cooperative Training Institute at Bahawalpur. The Cooperative Training College Faisalabad is a premier training institute and provides institutional training to the staff of the Cooperative Department and employees of Cooperative Organizations like the Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank, Cooperative Farm Centers, Colony Cooperative Farming Union and Housing Societies. Trainees from other countries also participate in training programs offered by the Cooperative Training College, Faisalabad. A separate Directorate for Cooperative Education in collaboration with Agricultural University Faisalabad has been setup to extend more educational facilities.
Cooperative Development Fund & Projects
The West Pakistan Cooperative Board was established in 1962 under an Ordinance to:
  • Promote the organization and development of cooperative societies
  • Carry out survey of new projects in the cooperative field
  • Arrange for research and collection of statistics

Various schemes were launched by the board for the development of Cooperative Movement for the enhancements of agricultural input and marketing of the products. At present, following two projects are controlled and administered by the Secretary to the Government of Punjab, Cooperatives Department as its Administrator, which are as follows:

  • Cooperative Stores Project, Islamabad 
  • Cooperative Farm Service Center, Rahwali
Cooperative Women Societies
Cooperative Women Societies have also been organized in the province for endorsing thrift, providing small credit and imparting necessary technical training(knitting, stitching, embroidery etc.) to their members. There are 1095 Women Cooperative Societies and their members have created around Rs. 1.92 Lac as savings.
Cooperative Industrial Societies
There are 1490 Industrial Cooperative Societies which are engaged in the production of various industrial commodities like surgical instruments, sport goods, leather goods, steel goods, cycles and motor cycles. The society meets the 80% market demands of the cycle in the country. It has also manufactured Sohrab Motor Cycle in collaboration with China and has plans to introduce auto rickshaw as well.