District Support & Monitoring Department

This Department was created during the Devolution. Its functioning is to monitor the development works of every district and for technical support for District Government. The following Officers are working in this office at Lahore:

  • Chief Engineer
  • Director (Administration and Works)
  • Deputy Directors (Technical) 4 Nos
  • Assistant Directors (Technical) 3 Nos
  • Administrative Officer (local)

Works Section

  • Monthly Progress Report regarding Buildings and Roads Department of each Districts are monitored in this section
  • Court cases and Punjab Ombudsman cases of each District are dealt in this section
  • Complaint regarding the works of buildings and roads are dealt in this section. Assembly questions relating to works are also dealt in this section

Development / Drawing Section

  • Estimates: Estimates which are above the Delegation Power of Executive District Officers (Works and Services) are Technical Sanctioned in this section
  • Tenders: Evaluation of tenders are processed in this section
  • Pre-Qualification: For big project regarding pre-qualification of contractors/consultants are dealt in this section

Budget Section

  • Audit Para: Audit and Draft Paras prior to Devolution of Powers are dealt in this section
  • Budget: Budget for the Chief Engineer ?s office is processed in this section

Establishment Section

Posting and transfer cases for Government employees of III class and IV class are dealt in this section.

  • Enquiries: Enquiries regarding the Officers/Officials of District Government in Punjab are processed in this section
  • Pension Cases: The employees of III class and IV class pension cases of this Department are also dealt in this section

Mega Projects in District Support & Monitoring Department, Lahore

Small size Development Works in all Districts of Punjab are under execution. Some are as under:

  • W/I of Road from Tanda to Surkhpur Length=8.30 Km in Gujrat
  • Extension of Sewerage scheme for abadi alongwith Jlal pur jattan road in Gujrat
  • Constn: of dual carriage from fawara Chowk to Karachi more Bahawalpur L=4.21 Km
  • Constn: of Zila Council Hall Gujranwala
  • Constn: of Main pavilion, Toilet block, Ticket booking etc Bahawalpur