Natural Resources


District Chakwal is quite rich in minerals. Argillaceous Clay, Coal, Dolomite, Gypsum, Limestone and Rock Salt are commercially excavated but no end-user industry exists in the district. However, in adjoining Jhelum district, there are three cement plants and a soda ash unit. In district Chakwal there exists a bright scope for Gypsum processing, Dolomite processing, Cooling /Iodinised /Pharmaceutical Grade Salt units.


The forest area is around 1,55,766 acres. There is also linear plantation of 375 Km alongside the roads and canals. The popular trees grown in the area are phalai, kikar and shisham.

Small Dams

  No. of Small Dams   12
  Name of Small Dams   Khokher Zer, Surlah, Dhoke Talian, Kot Raja, Dhoke Qutab Din, Nikka,Walana, Khai Gurabh, Pira Fatehal, Bhagtal, Dhurnal, Mial.
  Storage Capacity   26,411 in acres feet
  Area Benefiting   11,089 acres