Though Cotton is not grown in the district Chakwal but there are five textile-spinning units out of which three units also manufacture Polyester/Viscose Yarn. This reflects very good prospects for textile weaving and processing, hosiery, towels, bed sheets and sizing units.

The following projects are identified for investment in district Chakwal:

  • Bed Sheets
  • Ceramic Tableware
  • Cold Storage
  • Cattle/Sheep/Goats Fattening Farm
  • Dairy Products
  • Electrical Accessories
  • Flour Mills
  • Gypsum Processing
  • Hatchery/Breeding Poultry Farms
  • Leather Products
  • Packing Boxes
  • Plastic Ropes
  • Plastic Household Products
  • Peanut Processing/Roasting/Packing
  • Steel Furniture
  • Textile Weaving/Processing