Board of Revenue


The Board of Revenue is the successor of the Office of the Financial Commissioner. It was originally constituted under the provisions of West Pakistan Board of Revenue Act, 1957, which on dissolution of One Unit in 1970, became the Board of Revenue, Punjab.


  • It is the controlling authority in all matters connected with the administration of land, land taxation, land revenue, preparation, updating and maintenance of records
  • It is the highest Revenue Court and custodian of the rights in land of all the right-holders
  • It exercises general superintendence and control over the Revenue Officers and Revenue Courts in the province and has suo-moto jurisdiction


The Board consists of the following departments/functional units:

  • Revenue Department
  • Colonies Department
  • Consolidation Department
  • Relief Department

Other functional units include:

  • Administration Wing
  • Research & Gazetteer Cell
  • Directorate of Land Records
  • Settlement & Rehabilitation Wing
  • Punjab Land Commission (Statutory Agency)