The Agriculture department comprises of seven different allied departments. The Executive District Officer, being the official head of the group of seven District Officers, is responsible for its efficient administration, discipline and for the proper conduct of business assigned to the group of the offices.

Exhibitions & Field Shows

To promote the two-way communication between the farmers and the researchers various field days, show & exhibition were also held in District Attock in which large numbers of participants were present.

Agriculture Machinery Census

In compliance to the instructions of the Chief Secretary, the Agriculture Machinery Census was to be carried out in every District with the technical assistance of Agriculture Census Division. Necessary training was given by the Representative of Commissioner Agriculture Census. The detailed census was carried out on the prescribed proforma provided by the Agriculture Census Division through the staff of Agriculture Extension Department Attock.  The report was compiled and communicated to the Federal Government.

Rabi Campaign

Special Rabi Campaign is launched during Rabi every year under Wheat Productivity Enhancement Program. Farmers are trained in modern wheat production technology by Agriculture Graduates at village level.  This program is completed in three phase every year.  Agriculture graduate visit all villages according to a schedule program to disseminate modern agriculture technology to the farmers especially about wheat crop.  Other Rabi crops are also brought under discussion during training session with other farming problems.  This training is completed in three phases. First phase is about land preparation and deep tillage, while in second phase, farmers are told about seed bed preparation, fertilizer doses, seed rate, improved seed, sowing depth, proper sowing time etc.  The third phase is follow-up phase.

Besides, farmers are contacted by Agriculture (Extension) staff at different times for their guidance in farming practices to boost up their per acre yield.  Check is also kept on availability and quality control of Agriculture inputs i.e. fertilizers, pesticides and water management.