Special Education

Special Education is a field of studies specially designed to meet the educational requirements of the disabled children especially, hearing impaired, visually impaired, mentally retarded and physically disabled.

At the time of independence there were only two institutions, one for the Hearing Impaired at Lahore and the other for the Blind at Bahawalpur , under the control of Education Department. A few institutions for the Hearing Impaired children and Visually Impaired children were also being run by the private organizations in the Province. These institutions were nationalized in 1975 under Martial Law Regulation MLR-118. The Education Department took over these institutions and initiated various schemes for construction of buildings and to staff them with trained teachers. In 1962 Inspectorate of Schools for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind was established in the Education Department. In1968 at was given status of Deaf, Dumb and Blind Wing, headed by the Deputy Director, established in the Education Department. In 1983-84 the Directorate of Special Education Punjab was established in the Education Department. In 2003 the Special Education Department was established as an independent administrative department.
Functions (Punjab Rules of Business 2011)
  • Legislation and policy formulation for special education.
  • Matter relating to education and vocational training of special children.
  • Teachers training in special education.
  • Printing of Braille Books and other reading material.
  • Development of curriculum for special education.
  • Sports of special children and other related matters.
  • Campaign for public awareness, social integration and friendly environment for special children including their economic rehabilitation.
  • Centers of Excellence, Research Centers and Building of Database for Special Education.
  • Budget, accounts and audit matters.
  • Purchase of stores and capital goods for the department.
  • Service matters except those entrusted to Services and General Administration Department.
  • Administration of the 'Punjab Private Educational Institutions (Promotion and Regulations) Ordinance, 1984' and the rules framed there-under
  • Matters incidental and ancillary to the above subjects.
Position of Department under PLGO, 2001
  • Special Education is a devolved subject up to district government level.
  • Annual budget for running the Special Education Institutions is being provided by the respective district government.
  • Development budget under Provincial ADP for opening new institutions, up-gradation / strengthening of existing facilities is being provided to districts governments (Account-IV).
  • All services to special students is being provided absolutely free in Special Education Institutions through the districts governments.
  • Recruitment and service matters of employees in BS-1 of Special Education Institutions being done by Respective district government.


Service and Recruitment Rules, 2006