Revenue Department

Land Revenue & Estate

Colonization of Government Lands
Subject to law and policy of the Government / Board of Revenue.

  • Lease if state land and nazul land.
  • Determining eligibility of Lessees and other grants for grant of Proprietary rights under specific terms and conditions and passing orders accordingly.
  • Execution of deeds of conveyance regarding state land on behalf of the Provincial Government.
  • Operation of Killa Gift Fund.
  • Determination of right of return of land under the Thal Development Act, 1949 and Passing of orders accordingly.
  • Allotment of state land under Rural Housing Schemes.
  • Maintenance of all record of all state land.
  • Maintenance of accounts in prescribed ledger of receipts on account of lease / sale of state land.

Land Reforms
Subject to law and policy of the Government / Punjab Land Commission.

  • Determination of holdings of persons affected by ceiling fixed under Land Reforms and resumption of excess land in favour of Provincial Government.
  • Payment of compensation for resumed land.
  • Allotment of resumed land to tenants and other eligible person.
  • Maintenance of accounts in prescribed format.
  • Record of resumed land and allotment thereof.

Consolidation of Land Holdings
Subject to law and policy of Government.

  • Consolidation of Land Holdings.
  • Matters relating to appeals etc. against the orders of Consolidation Officer.

Subject to law and policy of Government.

  • Taking preventive and protective measures against floods and rains.
  • Recommendations seeking an area to be declared as calamity hit.
  • Distribution of relief funds and goods to the calamity affectees and maintenance of accounts regarding such distribution.
  • Matters concerning rehabilitation of Behari repatriates from Bangladesh.
  • Maintenance and operation of PLA under head 481 Relief Measures.
  • After an area is declared calamity affected exercise of delegated powers under section 4 of the Punjab Natural Calamities.

Subject to law, policy and guide-lines of Government / Board of Revenue.

  • Assessment and collection of land taxes, cesses and agricultural income Tax.
  • Land surveys and record of rights including restrictions on transfer of title.
  • Alienation of revenue.
  • Punjab Abolition of Jagirs Act, 1952.
  • Endowment of land for religious purposes.
  • Escheats.
  • Pre-emption law.
  • Punjab Alienation of Land Act, 1900.
  • Matters relating to Shalimat Deh.

Revenue field staff and district establishment ministerial matter connected with terms & conditions of their service, training, pay & conditions leave, postings and transfer under rules, delegation of powers rules / service rules etc. except those entrusted to Services & General Administration Department.

  • Taccavi for land improvement and other agricultural loans.
  • Money Lenders Ordinance and Usurious Loans Ordinance 1959.
  • West Pakistan Relief of Indebtedness.

Land acquisition Act 1894 and rules made there under;

  • Demarcation and rectangulation of land
  • Leases of ferries and bridges
  • Stamp Act 1899
  • Registration Act 1908
  • Deliveries of copies of documents under rules
  • Act and Rules in respect of Court of Wards Encumbered and attached estates
  • Government Estates
  • Settlement and re-assessment
  • Tenancy laws and relations between landlords and tenants
  • Suspension and remission of land revenue and water rates
  • Crop reports
  • Muslim Personal Law (Shariat Application) Act, 1962
  • All matters relating to Katechery Compounds in the District under the Katchery Compound Rules, 1937
  • Transfer of Property Act 1882
  • Stamps and Court Fees, Judicial & Non-Judicial under Court Fees Act, 1870
  • Matters relating to District/Tehsil office buildings, etc, except actual construction, maintenance and repairs
  • Malba cess fund
  • Lambardars
  • Cattle census
  • Punjab Redemption and Restitution of Mortgaged Land Act, 1964
  • Evac uee Property and Displaced Persons Laws (Repeal) Act, 1975
  • Purchase of stores and capital goods for the district
  • Budget and Accounts
  • Original, Appellate and Revisional jurisdiction


512-Land Management (Land Records and Colonization)
023-Tax Management (4-Stamps)
023-Tax Management (Registration)
529-Hill Torrent Establishment
10-District Administration
10-Sub-Copying Agency Establishment
10-Copying Agency Establishment
575-Stationery & Printing
Demarcation of Indo-Pakistan Boundary


0113-Agricultural Income Tax
0124-Land Revenue
0270-Stamp duties
0123-Tax on Transfer of Property (Registration)
1231-Sale proceeds of unclaimed and escheated property court fees realized in cash.
1262-Embankment and Drainage Works-Direct Receipt-Hill Torrent/Sale of Water
(A) 1264-Stationery-sale of plain paper used with stamps
(B) 1264-Sale proceeds of cheque books supplied from stamp stores

1300-Miscellaneous Receipts-Examination Fee for Examination of Naib Tehsildars, Kanungos, and Patwaris
1300-Miscellaneous Receipts
1390-Other Sale of Land & Houses etc
1390-Copying Agency Accounts
1320-Extra Ordinary Receipts

Excise & Taxation
Assessment and Collection of Taxes/Duties and Fees devolved to District Government.

  • Entertainment duty
  • Property Tax
  • Real Estate Agents/Motor Vehicles Dealers
  • Any other local taxes assigned by District Government
  • Operation of Killa Gift Fund
  • Determination of right of return of land under the Thal Development Act, 1949 and Passing of orders accordingly
  • Allotment of state land under Rural Housing Schemes
  • Maintenance of all record of all state land
  • Maintenance of accounts in prescribed ledger of receipts on account of lease / sale of state land
  • Collection of Federal and Provincial Taxes as directed by the Government