Mines and Minerals

This is an organization for promotion of minerals in Punjab Province. It was functioning in the Directorate of Industries & Mineral Development Department since 1964. The independent Department of Mines & Minerals was created in 2002 by the implementation of National Mineral Policy. It is to mention that National Mineral Policy 1995 acts as a guideline for formulating the present polices of the Provincial Department of Mines & Minerals.
Geologically, Mineral means all the natural deposits of ores, metallic and non-metallic substances on the surface or sub-surface of the earth crust. While “Mine” means any excavation on surface, or sub-surface, where any operation for the purpose of searching or obtaining of minerals has been or is being carried out.
Department is headed by Director General, Mines & Minerals (Technical) and comprises of six divisions.
Objective and Functions

The Mines and Minerals Department, Government of the Punjab aims for the development of mineral resources, to enhance the exploration, exploitation of mines and mineral resources in a safe and environmentally sound manner in order to support a more productive economy in Pakistan. Pertaining to this mission, Mines and Minerals Department:

  • Enhances the contribution made by the mining economic activity to GDP.
  • Lens support the social uplift programs.
  • Expands the employment opportunities.
  • Sustains development of minerals bearing areas.
  • Expands business opportunities for local industries.
  • Increases revenue flow to the Provincial and Federal Government.
  • Develops regional infrastructure and an improved data base of Pakistan’s mineral resources.
  • Grants and transfers prospecting licenses and mining leases
  • Conducts geological Surveys
  • Develops mineral resources and regulation of mines
  • Grants mineral concessions
  • Regulates the mining activities
  • Does resource mapping
  • Sustains development of mineral bearing areas.
  • Expands business opportunities for local mineral based industry.
  • Increases revenue flow to Provincial Government.
  • Environmental Facilitation & Infrastructure Development: The functions & duties of the Environmental Facilitation & Infrastructure Development Division are spread throughout the Punjab Province however, some important functions are given as under:
    • To facilitate environmental approvals
    • To promote environmental awareness and management. Study of environmental impact and preparation of restoration/rehabilitation schemes
    • To establish operating and rehabilitation guidelines
    • Assistance to mine owners in preparation of environmental impact assessments and mitigation measures to control the environmental impact
    • To prepare development plans and schemes for provision of infrastructure facilitates in mining areas
    • To ensure implementation of rules and regulations relating to environment, framed by Mines & Minerals Department.

Assets and Liabilities