Education Department

Executive District Officer (EDO) is the Head of this Department, who has been assigned following responsibilities in the Local Government Ordinance 2001:

  • Elementary, Secondary and college education except professional education.
  • Education of handicapped children, especially deaf, dumb, blind and with low vision.
  • Production and distribution of educational and scientific films.
  • Promotion of sports and co-curricular activities.
  • Service matters except those entrusted to the services and general administration department attached
  • departments and the administrative departments.
  • Establishment of new schools and up-gradation of existing schools.
  • Identification and formulation of development schemes.
  • Formulation of District education budget (development and non-development) reconciliation of expenditure and audit matters.
  • Technical and surprise inspections of educational institutes.
  • Matters related to school councils.
  • Periodic and regular reporting to the heads of attached department and the administrative department.